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I found my place and passion in this world finding and questioning how we can all live & flourish on this planet while feeding and nourishing ourselves in a resourceful and conscious way. I love food; its creative potential, how it brings people together, and its capacity to raise awareness. I am also the little fermentation witch & cabbage elf in our partnership. My living room is literally full of bubbling alchemy food. I am responsible for the fermented goods and their production, recipe development, and scientific research, as well as all of the creative artwork & communication. I also want to share my knowledge about fermentation with you, a topic that fascinates me on so many levels.


As a chef I have worked in Michelin star restaurants all over Europe, learning everything about Novel cuisine and the art of cooking & preserving. But there was one thing which I struggled with most of the time: the way our food system works nowadays. This system is unsustainable, corrupt, and exploits mother earth and her resources.
SauerCrowd stands for all my values: sustainable food production, locality, decentralization, seasonality, and most importantly, a great taste within our probiotic fermented foods. My role at SauerCrowd: pulling the strings in the backround (IE, administration, sales, recipe development, supply chain management, and building a close connection to farmers and our “Crowd”).

Handcrafted Fermented foods
Organically grown
Locally Sourced and Produced
Highest Quality & Best Taste
Decentralization & Trust for our "Crowd"


"Our mission is to source vegetables from local organic farms in order to transform them into delicious, sustainable, and gut-friendly food products. We strive to connect people with the soil and reinvent the health secrets of our ancestors. SauerCrowd stands for the highest quality, taste, and gut-health in a sustainable, circular economy."


"In a world of globalization and worldwide food flow, we want to bring the traditional, sustainable preservation technique of fermentation back into the spotlight. We believe that sourcing seasonal ingredients straight from local organic farms to create new flavors will reinvent the image of fermented vegetables. It is our hope that as a circular working food business, we can inspire other food producers and return to a community-based approach of crafting foods; because “only as a crowd can we make a change”

Our Produce

Handcrafted Organic Kraut

Our 3 Flavours are carefully developed and selected in our fermentation kitchen @Kitchenrepublic in Amsterdam. With organic ingredients straight from local farms. Inspiration needed on how to make delicious meals with our ferments? Check out our:

Purple Rain Kraut

Golden Kraut

Classic Kraut

'Raw fermented organic vegetables, without additives, unpasteurized, full of gut-friendly micro bacteria.'

We sell our products B2B towards Wholesalers, Retailers, Zero-Waste stores, to Horeca, and on local farmers markets. For quantities and pricing feel free to contact

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Purple Rain Kraut

Our delicious Purple Rain Kraut with organic red cabbage, fresh fennel, fennel seeds, salt, and lots of handmade love is the perfect topping for your next Sandwich, Burger, Reuben, or Buddha bowl full of probiotics.

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